Saturday, November 19, 2005

Magnificent definitely (meaning:without the slightest doubt) has the curse. He walked into the project studio this morning, entranced by the fresh new beat coming over the system. He went right for the headphones, as if the sounds were not already pumping through the hole house. That baby had a serious jonz for some one-on-one.

The way that he responds to music makes me wonder if his daddy acted that way as a toddler. If he did, then not much has changed since. They are like two peas in a pod.

Dwight just phoned me in my office/studio to tell me that he has disappeared into his case eye was wondering. Honestly, eye figured as much. What's a trip is that he phones right when eye am in the middle of telling you about he & Mags musical connection.

Now Mags wants to type+


...that was all him. He is determined to destroy something. Young male children sometimes behave this way when they are restless. Now my cell phone is the object of his desire. He has signed onto the internet through Verizon 3 times this week. He we go again...

What is it about phones that ALL babies love? Have you ever met a child over 3 months that wasn't absolutely enthralled by it's capabilities? This is true even when the phone is inoperable. Who knows why?

My latest commercial addiction is Sex in the City. Never saw it before last month, but eye have since found myself not changing the station when it comes on after WGN news. We're spending this weekend catching up on the first season, thanks to Hollywood Video's wide selection of flicks. After 3 episodes straight, the appeal started to tarnish slightly, but it's worth seeing out. The directors have done a decent job at capturing raw female sexuality. There's a lot of flesh on display - in true American portrayal. The writers take great liberties taken with the traditional sister-friend relationships, but the essence is evident. Above all, it's mindless fluff. Eye am going through a phase where responsibilities are so vast that mindless tv is a cheap (& inexpensive) escape. Could be worse...right??? Eye know people who do crack under pressure. Ya heard!

Off to see the wizard...


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