Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yowzers! Your homegirl is getting straight smoked in this blog competition that Dwight & eye are having this month. In the last few days, three posts were saved as draft, but never sent. No use in going back to that old news now. That sets me back a bit though. But you know me. This battle is not over yet, so eye ain't never scared! Watch me get up in here so often in the next few days that folks will have to request me to shut my trap.

Now don't do that really... ;-)

We watched Diary of a Mad Black Woman this weekend. It reminded me so much of Nutty Professor in the characterization, but the writing was so...BLACK. Sure...Hollywood scripting was well represented in the dramatization. However, the actual reality of the range of Black living in America was dead on point. So was the portrayal of our emotion. That Tyler Perry is truly a gifted brother.

His Madea Goes To Jail will be in Nashville on December 3rd & it would make me happy to be up in there. Since eye have never made it a priority to attend any of the past plays that have come to my city, this newfound admiration feels a little like jumping on the bandwagon. Hell! So be it. But let it be known, the fact that the brother is a self-made millionaire & still finds time to fully participate in the art touches me in a mighty way. Shoot! He is living the American Dream in a very Black fashion. That's what eye'm talkin' bout! Plus, he has Oprah eating out of his palms! Who got a business like that?

Be who you be. Do what you do. Much respect in all things you.

Too bad Tyler Perry will have to wait to meet me some other time. We will be in Hartford, Connecticut on December 3rd. If you will be in the area, be in touch so we can get together -


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