Sunday, October 30, 2005


It's amazing how surprisingly hush the passing of C. Delores Tucker. Peace Be Upon Her. Though her departure on October 12 was mentioned through the various popular media outlets (NPR, CNN), the exposure was brief. It was not brought to my knowing until Dr. Julianne Malveaux called for a moment of silence at the Millions More Movement (Oct. 16). Not that eye know everything that's going on in the world, but this occurence should have received wider coverage. She was one of the few Martin Luther King, Jr. comrades still here.

And then another...

Rosa Parks transitioned on October 24. Peace Be Upon Her. It strikes me as significant that two of our greatest Black leaders from the Civil Rights era returned to the essence within weeks. Eye find it ironic that both of these leaders had their last hurrah from criticizing & actually filing lawsuits against Rap lyrics. It is my belief that while these women have everything to do with the elevation of Black folk, post- 1960, their good intentioned attempts to censor Rap music were misguided.

Encourage me to go into this more if you are interested...

When we went to the nation's capital a few weeks ago, we decided to take the children to see the landmarks. Though we had drove vehicle to the district, we were encouraged to take the train (subway) to Pennsylvania Avenue to avoid searching for parking. This was the day following the Millions More Movement, so the area was still set up in a way that made it difficult for civilians to get around in the immediate vicinity of the capital and the Washington monument.

The first sight once we came out of the tunnel was the Library of Congress. This was one of the most significant days of my living because just the day before we left home, my Library of Congress Control Number arrived for Something To Cope. Only my husband would be able to describe the adulation attached to that moment, because he pointed the building out first & received the greatest warmth of my reaction. Allow me designate that as the specific instance where eye knew that eye had arrived. That image fresh in my mind & knowing factually that my book will be housed in that building, reminds me that childhood dreams do come true.

"He got a book; he got a book; she got a book"-Suge Knight, BET Tonight, 2002

According to, Lydia Harris, wife of Death Row Records founder, Michael "Harry O" Harris has a new "tell-all' book entitled, Married To the Game. Considering that her recent documentary, Welcome To Death Row lays it all out in the open, it's hard to imagine what else she might have to say. As a reader, it is always my preference to read the book before seeing the related film. People seem to disclose more nitty-gritty details in their writings than they feel comfortable speaking on camera. Has anyone picked it up yet? Does anyone know if she has a ghost writer? If you have read it, plese let me know if it's worth purchasing. At very least, eye will make an attempt to pick it up from my local library.

This is Sunday morning.
"Praise the Lord & pass the ammunition."


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