Friday, April 1, 2005


Happy National Poetry Month! Today marks the first day of the 10th annual celebration of the poetic structure in the U.S. Eye am so excited to be a contributor to the diverse make-up of writers that this country has to offer. Hats off to my friends, peers & colleagues! Great reading will be in effect this month so stay tuned in for prospective dates...

Not only is April an important month for me professionally, but it is also the month in which my birth is recognized. April 28th to be exact.And with these two incidents in mind, it is clear to me why it is so important to pay close attention to the name that we choose for our children. Eye doubt that when my grandmother gifted me the name lee (homage to my grandfather), did she realize that she was naming me "poet". But oddly enough, that is exactly where the spirit of life has lead me. It trips me out everytime eye turn it over. Oriana means "golden one" & "joy". Just recently eye found a few references to it as meaning "dawn". That's new to me though. My granny choose the name because of the first two meanings. Eye would like to think that my earthly walk has embellished my nomenclature. Lord knows eye try. Life has certainly had her way with me at times causing me to struggle to sustain the joy, but somehow victory always ultimately dominates the hardships. Thankful am eye!!!

To commemorate April, eye am reading the new Alice Walker biography (thanks to my husband) by Evelyn C. White. Alice Walker's writing have been such an inspiration to me ever since my teen years. So many things about her reflect my own own thinking. Activism in art. That's my style fo' sho'. That is probably the only thing about my writing that has been consistent since my youth. My technique has blossomed over the years, but the political nature of my work remains the same.

Eye spent my college years searching for my role in the struggle. Only through having a family did eye learn that my immediate place is not on the frontline with an AK, but on the frontpage in i-n-k. Through my written work, eye have been able to reach people that eye never would have in the streets. While eye undoubtedly miss the intimacy of the human contact & the energy shared when you actually get to physically & actively touch the people, it is clear to me that my purpose is being fulfilled.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share myself with you! Thank you for reading. Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing in my world.

Eye am a writer! Eye am living out my dream!!!

Hug a poet today...


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