Sunday, April 3, 2005


This day to day journey that we refer to as life tends to present us challenges that we are unable to readily overcome. In those times eye rely on Something To Cope. Eye know eye need Something To Cope & it is my belief that you do too. Something To Cope is well within reach. FINALLY!!! Coming down the home stretch, Something To Cope is a piece on which you can hang your cap after a long workday. Something To Cope is a collection of medicinals that will cure any ailment. Any heartache. If you find yourself in search of copables that will aid you on your walk, then Something To Cope will help that walk. In 2001, eye found myself longing for Something To Cope during the lean times. Months after eye began seeking, the creator placed Something To Cope in my life. It is my pleasure to prepare Something To Cope for you! Believe the hype! What eye have is that fie!!!


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