Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Not until you witness those who have helped you define your life pass on, do you wholly realize how temporary this journey. Over the past two years, 4 members of my extended-immediate family have returned to the essence. Two of them key players in my personal experience; the other two fairly distant, but mad influential nonetheless. At times eye find my inner self conflicted by the overwhelming grief that often pervades with no warning. Mix those emotions with the other devastating situations that have taken place over the last 13 months, & it is my guess that even as an outsider, you can understand how confused eye must feel at times.

It was this day in 2003 that my closest cousin slipped away with her dreams. This - the day before my birth/earth day. It was only the day before that she & eye were laughing, joking & planning for the next encounter. Only 2 months prior (almost to the date) eye phoned her with the shocking news of my uncle's passing. Who could have ever predicted that she would be next to transition?

When you talk to me, deal with me, read my writings, please understand that no matter how dressed up, you are looking at hurt in the flesh. Much of Something To Cope documents this raw pain. Something To Cope is all about learning to deal with it all. At least trying to - one step at a time. Please pray for my family.

Peace be upon you Cousin Joyce. Read "Young New Moon" in the gallery in honor of my dearest cousin. She taught me about living to the fullest. What a novel concept!!!


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