Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It is no secret that your friendly neighborhood writer, Oriana, has never mastered typing. Not only do eye dislike the process, but eye must reaffirm just how tedious the task. In all fairness, it does make my work a lot easier, but it has yet to replace "The List", postcards, & handwritten lyric - in my world at least. Eye feel the same way about e-books. The same regarding vinyl. Drum machines. Some mediums are just sacred in a way that computers lack - for me at least.

...Now e-mail messaging on the other hand accounts for more than half of my correspondence, which traditionally would have consisted of phone calls & snail-mail letters. For many reasons, eye rely heavily on text/ IM/ e-mail messages. This habit started back in '95 when AOL first became accessible. Chatrooms were the gateway format which have lead to a decade-long technical dependency. Is there a such thing as e-anon??

It would be nice to reach out & touch every one of you. Like back in the day. But the society that we have allowed our government to set up means that we have to work are fingers to the core accomplishing a week's work in each 24 hour period. Feel me? More money, more problems.

HUG A MOM TODAY! Pray for HER everyday. Make sure that your Mama knows that your love is genuine when you next speak. She has seen & done a lot of living. Those miles wear on HER. Forgive HER when she takes you for granted. She always has good intentions in mind, even if she neglects to see you clearly.

On another note, has anyone peeped the new M.O.P. documentary. It is "realer than real deal Holyfield." Lil' Fame makes a lot of these rappers transparent. It trips me out that those cats had the strength to venture past Brownsville. Word up!


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