Monday, April 25, 2005


HEY! "What's the deal? What's the deally-o?"- (Eye was so glad that she won.)

This has been the first season that the whole fam has come together to share in the network reality show craze. We watch ALL of the entertainment-related, i.e. American Idol, Road To Stardom, America's Next Top Model. We have been great fans of Extreme Makeover Home Edition & How'd They Do That? Even the children know the days & times of the Nanny shows & the family-centered exchanges. We have also watched Survivor, The Swan, and many others, at random. Whether or not we gain much from the content of the shows is debatable, but the fact that we come together at all anymore is remarkable. Unlike most families, we are ALL together -ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. So an hour of TV each night (occasionally 2), watched collectively, serves an all together different purpose than for those who spend their only hour together in front of the tube (that's no judgement, just an observation). Before we had children we swore that they would hardly know what a TV was capable of showing. Well, that was a short lived goal. Fortunately, we have been able to manage their viewing. For the majority of our parenting years we have only had one television in the whole house - in the living room. There will be no sitting up in each room watching individual shows. No way, no how...

Please email if you need to catch me this next few days. You already know the deally-o.

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