Saturday, April 9, 2005


Today marks the beginning of my new blog series, "Eavesdropping". It seems that every so often the good vibrations find favor in me & afford me the opportunity to participate in some interesting life experiences. In those instances eye find myself indulging in the moment. Sometimes eye pay close enough attention to take something away that will represent that blessed moment forever. The following is a gift - from me to you!

Eavesdropping #1

YOUNG GIRL: "That boy don't look mixed like you. I mean, you look REALLY mixed."
ADOLESCENT BOY: "I'm mixed with a whole bunch of stuff ... polish ... irish ... indian ... german ... black ... ghetto ... project ..."

At that point the listening stopped & my mind drifted off onto a past journey. My husband says that Boy's description of himself sounds like a line fit for Friday.

Eavesdropping #2

LITTLE GIRL #1- " I be glad when it stops raining. I want to go outside."
LITTLE GIRL # 2-"Don't you know GOD is cryin'! His chuldren are dyin'! We are his chuldren."
ADOLESCENT GIRL- "People in Africa are dying."
LITTLE GIRL #2-"It's beautiful in Africa. They got cheetahs, giraffes..."

And again, my mind ran away so it is unbeknowst to me where the conversation went from there. Eye was joyful at having been able to share in the exchange of children - from a distant. They are so pure in their thoughts. Their ideas are so clear - to them. Children are such blessings. Let us remember to not mistreat them.

Having sister-gyrls that are genuine is a blessing, too. Having brotherly love in one's life is a such a blessing. - "Too blessed to be stressed!"

PEACE 2 MY SISTER-GYRLS:Kana, Michelle, Monica, Cheresse, Judith, Aida, Shyria, Aleemah, Menah, Erika (Na), Markia, Bolanle', Ahdeenaw, Elizabeth (*red indicates nickname).

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