Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Life is hard ain't it!

What was it about adulthood that we so longed for as teenagers? Eye mean - besides the confident air that we perceived as freedom and the swagger that we assumed came from not having anybody tell us what to do? Knowing now that the staggered stride does not develop out of the freedom to make one's own decisions, but due to injury associated in doing so, eye sometimes find myself wondering what all the rush was about. My grandfather says eye was but a few months grown when it occurred to me that this was not going to be all that it appeared in my juvenile state. He recalls that from 16 thru 18 my main goal was to become legal. Just months following legal - and one day after getting my first car - being grown had already become a burden. Eye came to know firsthand that -

1. the po-pos=business
2. credit=bondage
3. love=heartache

(The love calculator is the jizz!)

For those of you who tend to correct the lowercase in lee - as in Oriana lee - DON'T!. lee is not my surname. It is my second name. My middle name. Eye NEVER capitalize it so that it does not appear to be my last name, but that is obviously not a good strategy because people usually capitalize lee thinking that eye made a mistake with my own name (except my potner Mickey Hess. Eye appreciate your attention to detail, sir). Oriana lee has been exclusive since 1996. Of course back when eye was in college and even now when dealing within the system, lee gets overshadowed by Farrell. It's all good though...word to Johnny from Compton!!!


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