Thursday, April 14, 2005


How's everybody? Know that eye truly appreciate your devotion to my blog/site/weblog. It is refreshing to have an intimate group of patners with whom eye can share this wild ride. C'mon...ride with me now...

The old addage is that "misery loves company". We all have seen manifestations of that in our lives, as well as the lives of others. It's really frustrating when you give your whole self to helping someone see their way out of the mirk, yet their energy is pervaded with the funk to the point of no return. It takes all of the creator's power to love in spite of negativity. Unconditional love is what it's called. Because someone has loved me in such a manner, it is my duty to love in return. Even when the one(s) that you love seem to fight it with all of the power that they have. When those persons are supposed to be the ones to guide you in life, it seems even more difficult to deal with. Something To Cope was born out of the need for such love & also the obligation to give much. God bless my mother!!!

We are headed to Houston this weekend. Looking forward to the journey. We are just getting things set up to get on the road this summer. Hopefully, the process will only get smoother from here. It's frustrating when you have hopes that don't have a clear path. In my adventures, most paths are full of brush.

Hey, Monica! It was great to laugh with you this evening.


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