Thursday, March 10, 2005


Most ghetto girls, like myself, have done a fanatic snack bid with Doritos &/or Funyons, at some point or another. Just yesterday, a craving overwhelmed me while patronizing one of the community markets in my old hood. It took resistance unbound to not give in to the nostalgia that overcame once the Funyons caught my eye. When suddenly, my taste buds reminded me of the taste aversion that haunts me after hastily feeding the munchies with any MSG tainted product.

Everytime eye [over]indulge, eye find myself going through a ritual of trying to remove the pervasive aftertaste from my tongue. No amount of brushing, rinsing, or spitting will rid the taste. Only time & patience. Remembering how frustrating this process can be, the wiser me opted for the Sun Chips brand (w/o MSG listed). Even though eye ultimately backslid and chose the Harvest Cheddar against my strict, dairy, dietary guidelines - eye ultimately found it to satisfy my overbearing craving for the nastier goodies. In my opinion, Sun Chips give Doritos a run for their duckets, and nutritionally, they are a darn "smart choice". With that said, do keep in mind that at the end of the day, Frito-Lay is still Frito-Lay. TRUST NO ONE! WORD UP!!!


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