Friday, March 4, 2005


As a youth, I was a pretty darn good athlete. Not dope, but a solid, relative GOOD. Only good because eye was never able to master hitting a ball square with a bat. Most of my achievements were in track & my top events were the 800 meters & the 400 meters (listed in order of achievement). Yes...these long, slender legs were made for more than eye candy ;-). (Eye am taking your advice Baptman...emoticons).

My first run was in the 5th grade & the memory stands out like a recent one. It was a 3k race. Pleasant feelings overwhelmed when my sneaks hit the blacktop & generated the same emotion everytime thereafter. That same feeling returns when the opportunity arises for me to be on stage where all of the eyes in the room are glued on me standing before them. There is something unmistakable about the surge of energy that consumes in those instances.

Well, here again eye find myself on the track. But this time my main public events are writing & Hiphop business. The feeling that pervades when eye face each day with the challenge to make a lasting impression on this culture is enough to excite & delight. Knowing that people see me as a winner in this here is certainly worth the figure eights that eye do on this track each & every day. A track star. "...eye know you see me shining." Industry personnell call me spicy because eye walk circles around the others.

Check the gallery for a new piece dedicated to our "why" child with the x factor, "Womantime Power".



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