Thursday, March 3, 2005


"Long As I Live" (taken from Grammy-nominated hometown-homeboy Shannon Sanders Outta Nowhere) was the catalyst for the last phone call that I placed to my Granny. For years that song has been the signature song almost exactly defined the relationship that we shared. My granny raised me when my mother was too young to know how to be a mother. It was my Granny who taught me most of what I know about life. It is the love that she fed me during the formative, nurturing years that equipped me to be the devoted mother & wife that I have become. It is her enduring strength that carried me through many a challenging situation. It is her strength that carries me on this very day. Last year, on this day [March 3rd], my Granny returned to the essence. Oh how she suffered in those final days. Peace be upon her soul!

In memory of my Granny, this day shall be recognized as Pernell Elizabeth Young Jackson Day. Soar high, Granny! The warmth of your heavenly smile provides a great comfort. I LOVE YOU GRANNY!!!

To those who have lost loved ones recently, my thoughts & prayers are with you. Please keep me in yours. I am taking the day off to meditate, so I will catch you later...


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