Tuesday, March 8, 2005


Another season of American Idol...another testament to how wack the pool of musical talent is any more, in general. What has happened to the "Aretha's & the Anita's"? Where are the booming male voices of the present? Did something happen to change the make-up of living talent or was all of the quality talent passed over for someone who appears to most offer the complete superstar package? We know that Reuben has a great voice, but his overall marketability is nill. Luther Vandross would never made it past the auditions had he showcased in this - the video age. As one who makes a living in this industry, eye find American Idol boring & quite frankly, a total waste of time. Except for the game that Simon dishes out from time to time. It's been said that you can learn a lot from a dummy. Especially a dumb-old millionaire. Randy & Paula provide nothing more than balance to Simon's brand of constructive criticism. Randy could better serve my good brother/friend Van if he spent a little more of his newfound celebrity on guerilla management. WORD UP!!! Who do you think thought it an excellent idea for Paula Abdul to publically be responsible for judging a good voice? Is that something that she honestly knows about firsthand???


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