Thursday, March 17, 2005


Sugar Ray Leonard has flawlessly maintained his good looks over the past 20 something years. Back in his heyday Leonard was the best looking fighter in the ring. He was considered to be so fine that when eye learned that he had a son, Ray, Jr. - about my same age, my future plans for marriage included him. Of course, it was unclear to me then how eye would ever gain access; never did it seem uncertain that access would not be granted. It is amazing to have actually ended up with careers in an industry that actually affords me contact with just about anyone in the field of entertainment.

Much like the contender, this ten-year fight for respect and acknowledgement is finally paying off. At the turn of the century, we kick-started our professional pursuits – writing, educating, & music business. In 2005 we are nearing the top of the hill in two of those areas. Yo! In 2005 we are taking risks & we are taking over. Belie’ dat!!!

Sometimes when my mind runs back to Hiphop circa ’94 it generates nostalgia similar to ’84. That’s a throwback year in my story. Below is the playlist from a videocassette on which we recorded random television footage back in 1994. Too bad it was recorded on EP.

Olee n 1984=10 years old


“The World is Yours”
“YO! MTV RAP featuring Craig Mack
“Krush Kill Destroy Stress”
“Flavor in Your Ear”
”No Brothers Allowed”
“Rap City” featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg & the Dogg Pound
“Afro Puffs”
“Tender Love”
“The Most Beautifullest”
“Tootsie Roll”
“The Message”
VH1: Rap Rockumentary
"Can It Be So Simple"
"You Don't Know Nothin'"

...and many, many more!


Honorable Mention: The Juice Crew is the all-around best looking crew of all time. Watch "The Symphony" video and surely you will agree.


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