Tuesday, March 1, 2005


How many people in the house tonight like some James Ingram? Let me hear you say YEA!(Someone please explain to me why so many of these classic artists do not have official websites. Are they just old?)

In Hiphop terms, James Ingram equals "Rhymes Like Dimes". Period!
If you call yourself a loyalist & you find yourself turning up your nose at DOOM, then you don't know the half. Such a scenario reminds me of this story I once heard about an MC who thought that EPMD was wack. This was in the era of "Strictly Business" not "Out of Business". Cats today may justifiably have that opinion. Who's to say? Alls eye am trying to reveal is that "best" should always rate generally across the board. DOOM does that. Across the board & on them.

Let it be known that Count continually rates, too.


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