Saturday, June 25, 2005


Eye have mailed out the package to Nikky Finney. This is for a Black Southern Anthology that is coming out through Cave Canem. It is now that we fully release it's promise into the atmosphere. Que sera, sera?

Eye must take this opportunity to grandstand & thank my wonderful "man & friend" for his neverending role in my story. Life is so much more significant when you walk with one who shares your general vision! The most beautiful thing about marriage is the committed force to serve another, all the days forward.

NO one could have prepared me for the learning curve involved in living under the leadership of a male being after 20 years of existence without the prior experience. It would equivocably be taking a white supremacist from the indoctrinating Stone Mountain, Georgia & abandoning them in Brownsville, Brooklyn housing projects. The concept of fear would be so overwhelming that the redneck could only fight THE DOMINANT influence .

Ya' feel me?

Please pray for our mum.


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