Monday, June 6, 2005

IN THE KNOW EDITORIAL’s everything? All is well here, for the most part. Hopefully, things willget much better due to the breadth of this week’s listings. Traditionally, we have focused on arts & entertainment specific events. But as a part of offering a complete service, we realize that it is in our best interest to touch on as many aspects of daily life as possible. Considering that, we have added listings that may prove to be beneficial for a number of reasons.

Our hosting server has also changed, which has contributed to a great number of quirks & glitches, but know that we appreciate you all hanging in there with us. If you have not yet reconfirmed your subscription, we now ask that you do so. Due to this change, last week’s mailing was delayed. We do not anticipate any more problems, so we hope to now move forward with the consistency that you have come to expect of In The Know.

Please get out & experience the offerings of your locale. Plan well. Expect great things to happen to those of you who are willing to make things happen.Thank you for your continued support!

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