Friday, June 10, 2005


It has been a loooooong time since eye have been hooked on an Internet service. Probably not since '95, during the genesis of the web explosion. But hey...the rules remain the same still this day.

It is bugging me out how many people are listed. It is a trip to see just how many people eye know are faithful users that have not bothered to even talk me into being a part of this networking movement. For the last 6 months prior to April, eye have ignored the "invites" that have periodically shown up in my inbox suggesting that eye join. For whatever reason, it just never even crossed my mind to check into it. Then, once eye did join, eye simply did what most "typical" people do. Eye registered my name, yet eye failed to do anything more to make myself accessible or marketable. But June has brought about a shift in circumstance.

Locating "friends" has honestly been more fun than eye have had in quite some time. & what's ironic to death is that sooooooo many of my friends & colleagues are in the mix. Where have eye been? Am eye just getting old? Is it that eye do not get out enough. It does feel as though the walls are coming in on me at times...

This thing is & time are nots. This space between us is so much smaller than we sometimes recognize. & greater all the same.

Signing off...


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