Thursday, June 2, 2005


Please reconfirm your subscription to IN THE KNOW. Sure - its an extra step which some of you may consider a hassle, but just for me this one time. This server business is becoming slightly annoying. It s time for me to change hosts, I think. Always some glitch with my current provider. A friend of ours has become rich from hosting "sites". We should probably go & fool with some of his p>business. Anyway, in the meantime, we will make the best of the situation. Please click the link folks. It will take just a second to complete.

Why do we act so strange over the nothings in life? Some of the simplest circumstances bring out the most neglected emotional behavior. Most of us are terribly dysfunktional & have no clue even. It tickles me when people speak of the "dysfunctional family", as though they are not an extension of one themselves. The lies that we tell our self...

Speaking of...

Is anyone else a fan of the 2nd Kelli Price record? Chord explosion!!!
"The musicians...they just dumpdumpdumpdumpdumpdudump."
Much of the content is simplistic, but the music makes all the difference. Trust me. Givin' it a spin right now...


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