Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Today is a good day! Today is a great day! They [do not exist] say that if you put positive out there enough then it will come to fruition. Let's hope this is true. Eye could use an extra surge of positivity right now. Eye did get some encouraging words from a new reader. The universe has a way of sending you what you need just when you are about to give up. All praise to the creator!

Besides that...& the fact that the children are healthy...& the fact that both Count & eye seem to be on an incline as far as our careers are concerned...things are really rough right now. But recognizing that those blessings are to be acknowledged, eye will not take this time to whine & complain. While everything may not be just how we want it, we are going to keep those spirits up.

The self-proclaimed "gentleman's pimp", Scorpio spit those profound words...not me...there's more to pimpin' that women & know??? Tell the truth, shame the devil. Though the profession is sick & demeaning on the surface, there comes a time when we have to look deeper than our own perspectives. If we examine life on the whole, it's pretty easy to see that it is all pimpin' & hoein'. Ride with me people...eye am speaking in a very broad sense. every instance of life...we are either the pimp or the hoe. We are either in charge of the situation, or we are someone is in charge of us. At our jobs, most of us are being pimped because we are subservient to our bosses & the industries to which we are slaves, of sort. Even in our personal lives, we are either trying to gain something from our personal interactions with people, or someone is trying to use us for their own personal gain. Eye know that some of you want to keep this thing small & are thinking, "How as a woman is she supporting pimps?" But that's not even the case. Unfortunately, if you cannot see the bigger picture, then know that there is no offense intended.

Anyway, that's enough game for the day. More to come. It is time to press on for now. Be encouraged to do the same.

Take it easy.


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