Friday, June 24, 2005


Boy, oh boy! Have you ever had a period in life where everyday for weeks on end seemed to smack you up & down right from the moment your barely rested eyelids cracked ? Sheesh! How do you cope in those times? Though the road is rough & tough-going in this current space, Something To Cope has truly been my saving grace. Again, the creator is all purposeful! Even in the darkness eye see my goal in the peripheal.

As circulated by the
Petition in favor of Assata Shakur. Please take the time to at least read this as submitted to the Congressional Black Caucus. If you need to brush up on your knowledge of Sister Assata, visit her own website. As U.S. residents, this situation is something of which we should have at least a general sense of awareness.

Make sure you spin a good tune or two to boost the positive energy in your life. Slick Rick might just be the artist to help hold up this cloud on my daily journey. Why don't rappers make "family music" anymore?

Remind me to expound upon this tomorrow....

Best regards.

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