Monday, June 27, 2005


Peace. Hotep. Shalom.

It is wonderful to be amongst you! Thank you, once again, for your loyalty to In The Know.

Please take this opportunity to forward this issue to anyone you believe may benefit from what we do. Please personally encourage your friends, family, colleagues & peers to subscribe to In The Know. We provide this free service to the community primarily to help expose events that do not always receive Grade A publicity. Please continue to assist in this endeavor. Please continue to share your events with us.

Consider this a light lip week. The deadline is fastly approaching for me to complete the packaging for Something To Cope. This is an aggressive pursuit, & since so much of my time has been occupied with technical writing this week (remember the anthology submission & the National Endowment for the Arts grant for Count), my verbiage is slight. Over the next few weeks, spend some time meditating on the words: equality, liberty & justice. Also, take the time to read & reread the Willie Lynch speech. If you Google the name, then you will be able to access more than 5000 references to the text. Many believe that the letter is a hoax/urban legend, while others are certain that this letter was the psychological basis for the art of slave dependency. What do you think? Enjoy your time here!

Thank you for reading!
--Oriana leeEditor-in-Chief


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