Saturday, February 14, 2009


Seems more & more people are offering me their IM info as an easier means of communicating than email. Admitting that it feels awkward, the practice of giving out screen names is increasing in the wake of Twitter. Go figure!

Considering your favorite celebrities (Shaq), musicians (Erykah Badu) & writers (dream hampton) are conversing daily right in front of the whole world, eye am left to ponder who really thinks that IM is the preferred choice anymore. Not to sound like a sales rep, but it just makes so much more sense to tweet, all around.

Unlike the various IM apps, Twitter does not require an internet bundle on your cell. So whether you are in the office or away at the beach, you have access to your base. On Twitter, you are everyone. We are all connected. Big up to Danyel Smith for making mention yesterday on Twitter. Wow! This medium is effortless to cite. Perhaps they have some sponsorhip dollars lying around..eye speak of the service all day already (cracking mysef up today). HA!

But on the real money tip:

We need computers people. Won't you please neighbor? Help! Please. Techs & geeks alike welcomed. Apple hook-ups desired (more than anything). Real talk!

Valentine's Day passed as just another for me. Here's the motto eye held dear that day...
"Can't be with who you love,
love the one you're with."


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