Thursday, February 26, 2009


Much debated is the argument as to whether genuine Hiphop continues to grow or if it has become stagnant through commercialization, like Jazz, Blues & Rock - forever stuck in a past tense. While moot, scholars & die-hards continue to present evidence to show that the culture is alive & thriving, at least from their perspectives.

Shout out to author & English professor, Mickey Hess for continuing to challenge the theory & presenting facts that should indeed be considered before burying the movement in a 24-carat gold casket at Forest Lawn alongside Dilla.

Is Hip Hop Dead: The Past, Present & Future of America's Most Wanted Music dissects the elements of rap that make up what have led to the bastardization of the whole culture and places them under a magnifying glass for fine analysis. Filled with lyrics and quotes from some of your favorite MC's, his approach to getting to the bottom of the matter is well worth exploration.

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