Saturday, February 14, 2009


Technically, it's out first day back in school from winter break. We decided to skip the traditional December/January break so that we could take off for our two January birthdays, the inauguration, and other early Feb. activities. We hit the library, Kinko's, and now proudly announce the first effort of our True School Academy fundraiser for new computer equipment. We run a technology based school, so it's really our most important tool in the classroom.

Currently, we're operating with a PC down, in addition to a G4 that won't boot, so we're down to a fairly functional laptop & my Powerbook. We decided that with all of the kids in the neighborhood, we would try our hand at pushing candy, cookies, chips & hugs to the other sugar fiends around the way. Feeling a little guilty about it, eye guess, but this is where we are starting nonetheless. Hopefully we can step our game up to more healthy treats in the near future. Sooner than later, as the babies are already acting out like crack addicts, downing hugs & dancing around chasing their tails.


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