Monday, February 23, 2009


In 2000, eye graduated from Tennessee State University with a degree in English. At the time, freelancing was my gig & eye was surely on my career path. My plan was to close the chapter with a graduation celebration (another story), but to start my new journey with the new Sony ICD-R100 digital recorder in hand. Talk about life-changing technology! For the past years, eye had recorded all of my interviews with an MC tape recorder, or on paper in rare instances where a recorded was prohibited. Eye was certain that this sleek device would put me on the next level as a journalist. Eye would be able to dump my audio directy into the computer with the aid of a connector and not have to clutter my office with micro cassettes. One less thing to buy. In a recession, that matters...eye guess.

Fast forward a few years to me finding it in my desk drawer today..piece of crap equipment. As it turns out, Kathleen Cleaver and Bobby Seale have been trapped in this device for a few years now, so it's basically serving as a glorified storage device for these valuable exchanges. Neither wanting to discard these precious moments, but wanting to use the contraption of it's intended purpose...eye fret. Between a rock and a hard place some might say. Hmmmmmmmmm... For some strange reason, the discs won't load. Weird, but true. Can you help?


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