Thursday, February 26, 2009


So...a few loved ones have been on my case lately about my lack of lack of visibility as a writer. Eye initially pulled back from journalism to write Something To Cope, but kept my chops up by creating the now defunkt, In The Know entertainment newsletter.

Once that phased out a few years ago, my commitment to blogging was a firm one that would surely help me stay on top of my game. But, due to difficulties both technical & some personal, that has become sometimey, with a post here and maybe a post there from time to time. We all know that's bullshit (def: Taurian mess) for someone mostly known as a writer. Here today eye am deciding to try the blogspot format, as eye have always used the original Blogger format that's embedded in the site. With the support of my peeps, my own drive & motivation and your readership, eye am determined to get this back on track. Fo' sho!

On & poppin'!!!

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