Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Michelle & I committed to re-release In The Know roughly a month ago. It was a sunny afternoon. We were amidst a beautiful brainstorm that connected us through fiberoptics and the shared desire for consistent community information.

We anxiously outlined our plan for a successful release. We tweaked the format. Mailed out the press release. Crafted our writings. Compiled the listings. Then, out of nowhere - unforseen obstacles.

I will spare you the details because the "battle is not yours", but even to blog is a challenge at this time. And you faithfuls know that I do post regularly these days. But hey, we have to go by the rules because they still stand. Music business entreprenuer, Bobby Ellis, Jr. knew it & so did Christ. It's really simple. Stand firm on those things that we relegate as our principals. Our morals & values. If we stay true in those things then we will always be able to claim victory.

Yes...we are having chuuch. More than one is gathered here. Right? According to my stats, there is quite an assembly. Thank you for continuing to share your energy!

It is a joy to be back in the know! The pleasure is all mine! Thank you for sharing your appreciation with me!

Have a great day!!!


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