Thursday, May 19, 2005


During my high school years, we would spend the beginning of each school season reviewing and refreshing the skills that we had adapted the previous year. And after all of the rote memorization exercises, we would dedicate a portion of our studies to listening skills. My teachers would stress the importance of knowing the difference between hearing something & actually listening to it. I always enjoyed this review because I believe that learning to listen is as important as reading & writing.

I am still working on bringing my listening habits in line with my love for books & the written word. I am a talker by nature ( I was the girl with the checks in talking EVERY grading period), so it takes some concentrated effort to shut my mouth when I am certain that there is so much on my mind to speak about.

I actually love do to listen. It does me no good to just hear anymore. The crux of any conversation can only be gotten by one who listens well. Of that, I am certain.

I want to thank those who have made a point to remind me of this over the years. I owe it to those folks for helping to make me a better listener of the word. As an educator, I hope to impart those very fundamentals. We're working on it... Yes, I am we, too.

True Skool pupils:

Kana/Age 7/3rd-4th Grade
Hezekiah/Age 6/ 2nd-3rd Grade
Kush/Age 4/1st Grade

We are in the middle of math testing right now. Please keep us in your thoughts.


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