Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Ever since the Japan shows in September, I have been straight hooked on Sake. My palate has enjoyed "The Finest Sake" as advertised, as well as the most expensive Sake on the shelf. $50+ per bottle. I have finally learned to limit my intake to Sake & red wine (though I will occasionally drink Red Stripe), but there is something about Sake that appeals even when I am in my "NO ALCOHOL" phases.

I started drinking at the age of 15. Yes, I am aware that is well beneath the legal age. I initially began sneaking minitures from my mother's closet. By the time I hit college at 18, I was a pro. With the exception of a few incidents with of near poisoning, I was a champion at "handling my liquor". At the time, I felt that was an honor. The lies that we tell ourselves when we are seeking validation.

Geez...was I young & dumb. Alcohol will control ones life in a way that makes sense sound stupid?!?! It is such a shame that most of us will get hooked on something or another that is detrimental to our well-being at some point in our lives simply from living HERE. Even hometown billionaire, Oprah Winfrey has admitted to crack & prostitution. Who would have known?

As one who people place on a "conscious" pedestal, I am human FIRST. I , too, am hooked on living life. Do you want false or true? O.K. then. In America that translates to some vice or another. Alcohol. Dope. Porn. Sex. Gambling. Lying. Gluttony. Greed. Well, now I am getting into the beatitudes, but certainly you catch my drift.

I want to encourage you on this day to look beyond the vices. True love; real life is sooooooooo much bigger than that!!! YOU BETTER KNOW IT!!! Please pray for me in my pursuit of the same basic desires. You are in my thoughts, as well.

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