Saturday, May 21, 2005


Martin Lawrence's, RUNTELDAT, is one of the best stand-up, concert films of our time. In the vein of Richard Pryor, Martin breaks down misfortune in a manner that all can laugh at. His original characters have an authentic demeanor. His delivery is flawless. From what I hear, Martin has a serious go-get-em attitude when it comes to presenting his art to the masses. Martin has been in a few memorable films, as well as a legendary sitcom. In my thinking, Martin Lawrence rates as one of the "Top Dawgs" in the entertainment business. He is a raw talent. But he has the crafted a skill that solidifies his natural ability.

Can you believe Jessica & Nick are filling the void for Bob Hope in war times? What part of the game is this? I wonder. I also wonder why Jessica sings so hard. Absolutely no one in the business belts more agressively. Sheesh...


I can really appreciate his candor in this film.


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