Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hey, hey, hey! [sista-girl style, not Fat Albert]

It was a relatively a short time ago that I would find myself 20 something & marveling at the breadth of what life has to offer. This day in 1996 I wed the man that Jah bless for me. We recognize 9 years of legalization/11 years of commitment on the master scheme. And as we celebrate a shared life, we mourn the loss of a close "Count Bass D friend".

It's in these 30 somethings that the marvel over living is skewed by the finality of dying. As we plan for each tomorrow we are ultimately working toward that transition to the essence. Knowing that now, I AM SHOOK!!! "What part of the game is this?" It's like every other week that SOMEBODY that we know has moved on. And obviously the more people you know increase those numbers. We know A LOT of people. We meet new people EVERY day.

To realize that we will no longer be able to vibe with Mike Mahaffey, who has been around for the duration of Dwight's, that's tough. Such a cool guy! Mike, may you be the peace that you sought on earth. We thank GOD for your presence.

Matt, Re-Re, are in our prayers.

[Song- "Anniversary" Tony Toni Tone]


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