Sunday, May 7, 2006


After several missed opportunities to witness the Barber Brothers, eye finally messed around & caught Rashaan Barber (Saxaphonist) while out with the family on Saturday. Local jazz radio station, 89.5 WMOT, hosted their annual festival, held in Murfreesboro (30 miles south of Nashville).

This outing ranks as one of the most family-friendly events in the area,by far. Children ate at a bunch of "Sweet N Sassy" goodies and participated in one "Never, No Mind" activity, after another. Our decision to journey came as a special break for the children, saving them from yet another Saturday school session. Kana suggested this fine option.

On a humorous note, it was right on the town square where Magnificent & eye encountered what Al & Jesse might have considered a "Racist Robot". Disguised as a mobile-talking firetruck, this 2-foot tall plastic contraption (accompanied by a tobacco-chewing firefighter...not sure if he's sold separately or not) fished around for the right things to say to my near 2-year young King-Baby. Every child-friendly comment seemed to be followed by an off-color remark. Lucky for the machine, Mags didn't plant one of his brand new, classic white, hard-bottomed baby shoes right in the kisser. Thank goodness Magnificent's mother left her ghetto-face in the car. Could have been ugly...


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