Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Granny always advised me to not advertise my man.

"You don't need to advertise your husband. Other women don't need to know what you got."

In my case, those wise words only go so far because as an entertainer, Count BassD serves as a walking banner for what many women want - a popular beau. Make no mistake about it, like most public figures, L.adies L.ove C.ool C.ount.

"Hey ladies."

That said, this mo'fo threw down on some gourmet version of Macaroni & Cheese this afternoon.

"Makes me wanna shout," Elmo bellows. Eye feel you, Kevin. Me, too.

Brother cooks so proper that we have begun to put together a cookbook to be accompanied by beats. We have a million little projects going on like that behind these moldy walls. The sooner we find space to live & thrive; the sooner we manifest to the greater good of the universe. Those of you who have supported us with your energy and hard-earned money - GIVE THANKS!

All day.
All night.

MAY 25=10th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Dwight! Somehow, we made it!


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