Wednesday, May 10, 2006


When ish hits the fan, it's best for me to step back & calm down before letting my mouth fly off. For now, these words from my homeboy will have to suffice:


Faces have trouble smiling
When it's less than a merry affair
When you communicate through
The writing on the wall
There's no love for you there
You wanted to draw a picture
But, your relationship could never hold a pose
You're left with a roomful of sketches
That only hint at the love you wanted to know

Let it out. Let it go.
Hold back the tears no longer
Let them fall on the floor
Not on your will to be stronger

Who are you
In the face of disappointment
Where is your character
The one that keeps you going
Who are you
When heavy weather is blowing
Where is your character
The one who keeps you going

Caught you by surprise
How time changes people and places
Would you guard over your ruins like you're doin'
If you knew your first kiss was your greatest

Let it out. Let it go.
Hold back the tears no longer
When you work too hard to get along
Maybe it's time you moved on

Exit the vacant hills
Look for a new thrill


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