Thursday, May 25, 2006

(Gouda, Cheddar & Blue Cheese)

Never a more normal series of hours than this government wedding anniversary. Besides Kush "calling Earl" a couple of times, nothing special really. After 12 years & 4+children, normal becomes a mighty fine present. Mind's eye had always envisioned going diamond an occasion for grand hoopla. Fairy tales live in books. We live here & now. Give thanks!

"...if it's the thought that counts..."
Dwight would gift Oriana a diamond broach pinned onto a suit jacket lapel.
Oriana would gift Dwight an assortment of music cufflinks (see below):

You must admit, these links are classic. Hilarious!

iTunes Anniversary Mix/DJ Conroy

You And I-Stevie Wonder
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life-Stevie Wonder
Overjoyed-Stevie Wonder In A Square Circle
For Your Love-Peter Brown
A Fantasy Love Affair I Love You -James Brown
Say It Loud-I'm Black And I'm Proud
Here To Love You-The Doobie Brothers
My First Love-Angela Winbush
Too Shy To Say-Stevie Wonder
Love Makes The World Go Round-DON-e
Endless love-Diana Ross
Let's Stay In Love-Blackstreet
Thank You Love-Angela Winbush
Where Are My Panties?-Andre 3000
No Ordinary Love-Sade
Anniversary-Tony! Toni! Tone!
Must Be Love-Shannon Sanders
Tender Love-Force MD's
I Do It For Your Love-Bill Evans

Face it fellas, once a woman has stayed down for more than 7 divine years & actually brought forth child, there are few things that you can do to top that in a whole lifetime. Pregnancy. Labor. Can't see anything more humbling or loyal on a wifey's behalf. It shouldn't be too much to expect a man to at least TRY to top it every once in a while. Should it? Eye don't get these new age American men; & that's coming from a true Southern woman. You all know what they say about us down south gals? Among the most dedicated in the nation.

Willingly jump through a hoop or two BIG-MAN. Not only does she deserve it, but it will add a couple cents into her nickel bag of praise. That change might come in handy on a rainy day. :-)


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