Thursday, October 27, 2005


Have you ever allowed your self to be present?

To soak in space that won't permit your consciousness to drift off to thoughts of what you are going to do when? Or dwelling on bits and pieces of what happened that night of the one magnificent epiphany. This is a moment of future present. Although time & space do not exist. We will define it as a moment, for lack of a better.

"This moment.
Past tense."
-Netsanett Ahun/ Freedom Now (Peace People)

...which leads to the mention of the Writehanded Dot Com forthcoming promotional CD:

Unchaste Belts presents “Oriana lee EP
Total Running Time: 18m:10s

Produced by CountBassD for
Co-Produced by Oriana lee for Writehanded Dot Com
Executive Produced by Oriana lee & CountBassD

Material* from the forthcoming Something To Cope
Audio Book produced by CountBassD for
Release Date: January 31, 2006

*Except “Padded Room With A View” by CountBassD

One: This Is For My Wife
Two: A Padded Room With A View
Three: Who Are You Anymore?
Four: The Expose’
Five: Netsanett Ahun / Peace People
Six: The Write Way Baby
Seven: Writehanded Dot Com PSA

For more information:

The above information posted as taken from MySpace blog:


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