Saturday, October 29, 2005


On some days, at some times, there is a moment in the day when the old scrolling mental-picture clears. Some call it the lightbulb moment. Or an epiphany. This occurence known as revelation in religious circles.

No matter the attribution, there is a certain emotion that goes along with that experience. Does anyone know what that emotion is called? Not sure if it has a name. Not even sure if anyone else has discovered this sensation. Well, whatever the technical name, eye want to acknowledge that particular feeling as my more prevalent emotion - right now.

My journey detour has ended. Back on the road eye go. Time to tune into my surroundings; time to tap into the pulse, again.

Something about the environmental changes in the fall brings me out of me. Maybe it's that life in general becomes a tadbit more relaxed since the rush of the current year evaporates into a hibernating climate. This period of the year initiates a season of thanksgiving. A season of love. A season of peace. Most yearly business has been finalized. Most of the annual funds are near deplete. The record industry specifically slows to a near hault. You wouldn't believe how many people suddenly forget that they have an office, an office phone, and major business to handle. They vanish into the white of the snowy sky.

Through, we closed on a couple of major dealings this week. Anticipate a formal announcement soon. Read the journal & join the boards in the meantime to stay up.

Thank you for climbing on board. Thank you for riding.

SOMETHING TO COPE/January 31, 2006


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