Thursday, October 13, 2005

October 13, 2005

If there is anything that you know about me for certain, is that there exists a never-ending tendency to disappear. Total ghost. Eye am saying. This has been going on for as far back as my mind will reflect. Friends of mine have always taken me to task about this "way" of mine. Quite honestly, most of my close friends and companions share this "way". My mama. Both of my sisters. My spouse. ALL of my closest sistergirls. Men friends. Hell! It's not just me. There are alot of people in my life who operate in this same manner. Maybe that's what keeps me feeling so comfortable in this space. These "ways". Eye want to charge it to the artistry, but many of the people who share this flaw are not artists. At least they don't know that they [do not exist] are truly.

No excuses. This is the person you are riding with at this moment. Someone who tends to withdraw from public reach - every now & then. Surely you understand. Are you one of us?

Love to you & yours! Take care.


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