Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Yesterday, eye started working on a new piece, detailing my emotional experience with Shock G last week. My, oh my! Spending time with "Greg" completely changed my WHOLE perspective on life. My innocent girl-like infactuation stems from the EP Release back in the early 90's. But, to finally meet him & to hang out with him in the Land Rover, while listening to CountBassD music, was an aligning of the planets type moment. He is the first person to even own a burn of the Oriana lee EP. Count purposely gave it to him by mistake. What kind of ish??? Sorry Ben (unchaste), hopefully you won't mind. Maybe this is the beginning of a new type of collab...CountBassD & Shock G? We have been wanting this to happen for a looonnnggg time. First,we have to convince Shock to get back to recording. He said that he quit a few months ago. After hearing Count's compelling plea for more music, he may have to get back in the game. We'll see...

Our terminal has finally bit the dust. Eye am at a local university library, scheming on a way to make it all happen. Thanks B!

The cover art for Something To Cope is final - for the most part. The pagination is under way. All that's left is for me to send my man, Jason, the images to incorporate. If only eye can find a scanner here...hmm...

Look for the launch of the UK-based unchaste belt line to happen at the end of October. With each purchase, comes an Oriana lee EP, produced by CountBassD. OF course!!! You know how we do!

Thanks again for all of the messages! Thanks for the love & sincerity!



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