Thursday, September 8, 2005


For someone who is supposed to post almost daily, we can all see that my attempt is slack. There is a good ole' Black Baptist phrase that goes: "Charge it to my head & not my heart." Does that at all convey to you the nature of my guilt?

Another superhero has come to the aid of Something To Cope this week. Graphic designer, Jason Batog, will complete the page Quark. YEAYAH! OKAY!! It appears that we will only have to extend the printing deadline (9/13) by a week. That will give me space to at least give a more concentrated focus to Ma' Dukes on her birthday. By the 20th, we should be on the road to a published book.

As a heads up, it may be difficult for me to post over the weekend. The first DangerDoom show takes place in Boston, Massachusetts (not Tennessee?). Your truly will certainly be up in there. So get at me. CountBassD is the lead DJ for this event, so do not miss this bit of Hiphop history if you can help it. Cats are telling me that they plan to fly in from Portland. DAG!! That's love!

Saturday is a New York City business day for me as eye have several meetings scheduled related to the work that eye do in the music industry. The great thing about going to New York at this time, on this particular set of terms, provides me the perfect opportunity to begin planting Something To Cope seeds around the city. Taking the boroughs down one by one! This weekend's target area is Brooklyn. And in true Oriana lee fashion, eye am flying out of JFK on the dreaded September 11. What kind of fool am eye?

If you need me quickfast, then hit me on the hip. Unfortunately, Verizon may as well put me on payroll because my mobile phone puts in mad hours. Day in, day out. Better know it...

So school starts in half an hour. We'll put in a couple of hours. There's only so much assessment any child can take, so it is best for me to not strain the minds of these babes during this time. We began the semester on Monday. Yes, labor day. to best celebrate labor than to engage in a little ;-). It is these first two weeks of our school year that we shape our 14-week semester and with all of this review and evaluation, we will take our day off at the end of this process. Don't talk bad about me because these kids are schooling on holidays. We did at least spend a few minutes discussing the history of the American Labor system & why it was initially reserved as an off day.

No off days for me. With a book to finish & a tons of loose ends to braid, there is NO time to chill whatsoever. Catch me NOT chilling in Nashville next Saturday, September 17 at the annual African Street Festival. Performers go on at 6 p.m., so find me somewhere in the mix spitting a few family-oriented pieces.

Peace People.


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