Wednesday, September 21, 2005


The Oriana lee EP to be released with the unchaste belt-line in the UK is on it's way. We have been bumping it around the crib, office & studio for the past few days. If O'so Crispy (R U The Girl?) is basking in anything comparable at this time then it would be my guess that she is on the brink of losing her mind. Were eye 10 years younger, we would be in one accord. But at 31 years young, it's hard to get too far gone before reality brings responsibilty back to the forefront.

To celebrate, Shock G will get to feel my presence. He is just blocks away from our spot on this fine fall solstice. My mom is gracious enough to mind the seeds while we make the celebratory rounds this evening. Asante sana, Mama.


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