Saturday, July 23, 2005

So yesterday marked the purchase of my third cellular telephone in less than 18 months. And though this last one was practically a trade-out rather than a true "buy, it trips me out to finally sniff out their tactics for getting us back into the store. It is at those times that the hope is that we act on impulse & allow our money to spend itself.

Well, having intense training in car sales works to my favor in standing firmly on the ducketts that eye came in to spend (this last case=nothing) during these random service visits. No waivering here. In fact, it usually turns out that eye part with less.

What does frustrate is the inability to transfer anything other than the "Contacts". It would seem that ALL information would tranfer from phone to phone digitally. To lose timeless candid portraits over & over due to an internal malfunction gets to be old after a while.

The number remains the same. My phone is working wonderfully. Eye need to create my own background. The little boy jumping on the beach reflects nothing about my true self. Not on this day anyway.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++SOMETHING TO COPE/FALL 2005

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