Thursday, July 28, 2005


Another late night. Eye just came up to my studio to work, after watching Ol' Dirty Bastard: A.K.A. Dirt McGrit: Free to Be Dirty: Live. It was so heavily edited. But still, it was worth the watch. It's ODB!

When eye seen ODB live & in the flesh back in '95, he looked like a hologram. This was when fame was poppin' heavy for the Wu. ODB was popular, he was wild, & he was see-thru. Fo' real. It seemed as though eye was looking right through him even though he was clearly standing there. The energy made goosebumps. But at the same time it was like once our eyes met, my energy charged like flicking a light switch. As eye recount, the memory feels fresh.

Well, once my light came on all composure went out the roof (we were at an open-air venue in Miami) & eye started trippin'. It took every restraint technique inside to keep my excitement contained to a light jump up & down. Eye was buggin' at the fact that he was standing squarely behind me. Eye was spooked at the fact that he was already looking at me when eye turned around. A friend of mine was standing to my right, so my writehand uninvoluntarily tugged at the shoulder of his shirt, while screaming at the top of my whisper," Ol' Dirty is behind us!"

Just to be sure that my mind had not gotten ahead of me and assumed that Dirty was sharing space with me & not someone who looked a lot like Dirty, eye snatched my neck around again. This time hoping to avoid his face, eye planned to glance intently & then chill. Calm down. Get over it.

To my surprise, once my neck hit 90 degrees, eye could see from the corner that he was still looking at me. So eye got bold & tilted my head until we connected. He then brought up his left arm over head- bottle of Vodka in hand - & turned the liquor bottle upside down. He swallowed like no liquid had wet his throat in hours.

Eye could see at that moment that he was not of this place for sure. His presence dominated the whole space. Eye was not even about to consider entering his world. Not even for a second. Not even to say, "Peace."

"Peace" would have been universal. That is precisely how to go about juxtaposing this macrocosm. "Peace" would have been understood. To recognize the God in OBD was to simply acknowledge his presence. Words can be superfluous in divine space. Na' Mean?

As eye peeped the footage tonight, it felt like he was standing right behind me, still. It has been repeated over & over that he was real live with it. It is my testimony that he lives. May peace be upon, Russell Jones.


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