Tuesday, July 12, 2005

July 11, 2005-July 24, 2005


Peace, people.

Hopefully you all are embellishing the summer by taking advantage of the offerings in your respective communities. This issue is jam-packed with interesting things to do, adventurous places to go and spectacular people to see.

Let us keep at the forefronts of our minds those who have recently transitioned from this space. We send our prayers out to the family & friends of amazing vocalist/arranger Luther Vandross –peace be upon him. Luther truly lived as a “Superstar” who touched the lives of musicians & music-lovers alike.

We also take this moment to remember a few of the key In The Know supporters who have returned to the essence over the past few years: Angela Bevens, Tonya “Dayo”Bailey, Katrina “K-Luv” Lewis & Athan Gibbs. If you are not familiar with these names then use the internet to do the history. All of these spirits were great vessels in the advancement of Black artists & professionals, alike. We send love to their families, who are still learning to cope with the absence.

We also want to recognize the legacy of Prince Lij Tafari Makonnen, more commonly known as Emperor Haile Selassie I. The impact that Selassie’s reign in Ethiopian has had on Afrikans worldwide is of high remark. In 1963, Selassie gave a speech before the UN that would later serve as the lyrics to one of Bob Marley’s most timely tunes, “War”.

Ironically enough, Selassie’s birth date (July 23) is immediately followed by the birthday of Marley’s mother, Cedella (July 24), which is followed by the birth date of Rita Marley (July 25). Following is an original tribute piece, in honor:

23 July-25 July Gregorian

Powerful roots energy undercurrents
Ras Tafari, Elder Cedella & heiress
Queenie Marley came to be inherent
Mystic streaming across the earth black
Eye presence seen within the trinity
Lots of lovin’ from Nesta thrown aback
Powerful roots energy undercurrents
Mystic streaming across the earth black

Enjoy the outings! Be safe.

Oriana lee


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