Saturday, February 19, 2005


Isn't it frustrating when you blow your nose so hard that you clog one ear to the point of no maneuver? This is the type of frustration that drives you from 0-60 like whoa. Boy! Being without the full use of this write lobe makes me value my hearing much more than usual. We take so many things for granted.

I can remember being 6 years young. We lived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania...Twin Lakes Apartments...MOM, michael, and my baby sister. Every Saturday morning we would get up early to begin the Saturday Morning Sweep. Aside from anticipating the end result-a clean house...the main reward would be background music. A whole bunch of records, one after another spinning on the turntable. Chicago. The Police. Stevie Wonder. Earth Wind & Fire. Sugarhill Gang. Marvin Gaye. Hall & Oats. Miles Davis. I mean, it would be an onslaught. American society was different then. There were no BLAK radio stations. Not wide spread at least. Music was truly the universal way. We did not have the pressure of hammerhead marketing or the restrictions of newly natural BLAKness to define us by their standards of ourselves. Hindging on the 60's revolution, we were newly free to explore the breadth of human culture. Borne into the first generation of American-Afrikans to be mixed into the melting pot and not presented as a garnish.

Ow..there went a little relief in my write ear. Beautiful decay. The publication by the same name has a haiku by Count in it this month. Tower carries it. What up Kate! Eye digress...

Even to this day, eye regularly remark of how it is the deep & wide appreciation for quality music that is the shellac on the bond between Dwight & Oriana. We are one from the core to the finish. Through maturing & mistaking we have learned to identify the root faster. Easier. Saying that does not mean that we don't wander off of the beaten path periodically, but that we find our way back to the stake much quicker than we used to.

Music as our business has promoted as much togetherness as it has distance. All in all, what overwhelmingly matters most is that we are one/in the same. What a phenomenal year we're having! "A DEAL IS A DEAL."

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