Tuesday, February 1, 2005

It just hit me the other day that Tony Danza is one of the true entertainers of our time. He is successful at everything that he tries to do. He is also terribly underrated. The brilliant fellow, sings, dances, plays instruments, does comedy, and he is a wonderful humanitarian. And he looks great for his age! He has to be a cool dude, too because Tupac said that Danza was one of the few that wrote him when he was locked up. He described him as being encouraging and completely down-to-earth. I would love to build with him one day. I feel the same way about Ellen Degeneres. Yes...I have succumb to the hype. I slept on her for years until she got this new show and I caught Van on it. Ever since I have been watching at least through the dance segments pretty faithfully. I sometimes take a break from school and coordinate her monologue with snack time so that I can get my smile on from her dancing and being seriously silly.


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