Monday, February 7, 2005


People's reactions never cease to amaze me when they learn that I homeskool the seeds & that both my mate & I work primarily from home. The looks that come over their faces say so much more the verbage that they so thoughtfully craft to cover up their true feelings. You know that look...lik

Magnificent just pushed a series of buttons & published my post before I was finished, so I'll pick up where I left off. As eye was saying: when someones breath is tart but you can't bring yourself to tell them while you can hardly stand it at the same time? That's the look? My rational is that the look means:

1. jealousy to the point of disgust, or;

2. envy disquised as pure admiration, or;

3. frustration with "my kind" because the general belief is that we are weirdos who are holding the babes back by not socializing them THEIR way.

However you slice it...we are happy to be doing it this way no matter what. Know that it is tough doing it in this manner...but the rewards are truly unmatched. With that said, I would be withholding to not admit how lonely the journey really has become. Last week we met a bunch of people like us who have started a group called Tapestry. As a group, we went to see a musical at the grand Ole' Opry House. "Freedom Train". Of course, it was the familiar story of Harriet Tubman on the Underground Railroad, but it was a seriously remarkable portrayal of "the same knowledge that they claim to have."--Church da Poet


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